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Diapath S.p.A. is a specialized company that designs and manufactures instruments and reagents for the medical sector of histo-cyto-pathology, with a national and international distribution.

Diapath S.p.A. added value is to provide reliable and high quality products by applying a policy of total supply in which the guarantee of the result is the use of Diapath instruments that guide the operator to follow safe procedures and to use reagents certified with a dedicated technical-applicative assistance.

Innovation, Reliability, Safety and Quality are key concepts that belong to Diapath business philosophy that constantly invests in Research and Development to create innovative products that make operator’s work safer and assure reliable results for the patient.

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Galileo SEMI Series 1

The rotary microtomes Galileo are new generation rotary microtomes suitable for sectioning any biomedical specimens.

Galileo AUTO Series 2

Fully automatic rotary microtome Galileo AUTO Series 2

Donatello Series 2

New Tissue Processor technologically improved to enhance lab routine and guarantee reliability, safety and best quality results for the user.

Ottix Plus Tank

OTTIX PLUS is a xylol substitute an hazardous product for the human nervous system

Bone marrow Fix&Dec

Kit for the fixation and decalcification of bone marrow biopsies (BOM) consisting of B5 fixative and EDTA-based decalcifiers in acid buffer.

Tissue biopsy cassettes, red

For processing and embedding of small specimens (biopsies).

Diawax 56-58°C

Composed by solid hydrocarbons mixture and manufactured using a purification process to remove contaminants, Diawax is in white drops, translucent, odorless, stable and easy to handle.